Overview of Rflexcoin

To bridge the gap between small and medium sized privately-owned companies and the everyday individual investor.

Through the Global Raising platform, we introduce an ecosystem where privately-owned companies can tokenize their shares and assets to effectively raise funds. On the other side of the equation, our platform will allow retail and corporate investors to have access to the investment opportunities presented by these companies.

How it works


Companies go through a stringent vetting process to be listed on the global raising platform, including the mandatory process of disclosing corporate information and financial statements. Listed companies can then securitise their shares and assets in the form of Rewardgas, a security token. These tokenised shares and assets can be offered to investors through the Global Raising platform.


Retail investors searching for potential investments now have access to investment opportunities that were previously inaccessible or unavailable to them. As the information gap between companies and investors is bridged through corporate disclosures by listed entities,  investors can make investment decisions based on their own judgement and discretion, or rely upon the collective intelligence of investors from all over the globe.

Global Raising’s solution

Global Raising’s internal exchange platform – including the issuance of RflexCoin (a utility token) and Reward Gas (a security token) – is geared towards providing high utility to existing investment markets that exhibit signs of the problems above through tokenisation of companies’ shares and or assets.

By utilising blockchain technology to further solve information asymmetry problems for individual investors, Global Raising’s platform is well-positioned to improve the field of investing for all parties involved.

What is the Global Raising platform?

The Global Raising platform consists of a system that incorporates private companies and provides a platform for these companies to be listed, as well as an internal cryptocurrency exchange.  Listed companies can tokenise their shares and assets to which these tokens can be offered to investors through the Global Raising internal exchange.

What is Rewardgas / Rflexcoin?

Rewardgas and Rflexcoin are both tokens native to the Global Raising platform that will be available for trade on the Global Raising internal exchange.


A security token that grants financial rights to either shares or assets that a company chooses to securitise.


A utility token to be used as transaction currency on the Global Raising platform for trading Rewardgas tokens.

New Virtuous Cycle Ecosystem offered by Rflexcoin

value of Rflexcoin

Improving information asymmetry in the transaction of creative materials at the pre-product level

In order that human creations are to be commodities, they must undergo the mass production process unless they are art objects (of course, a sculpture of a famous artist is the exception). The public cannot be forced to predict the potential value or future income of such a creation with professional knowledge. The way that the public can cope with is to share risks to avoid it, to realize the mass production of creation, or to look for the result. In the meantime, the accessibility to the project will be increased if some of the funds spent on the mass production can be recovered.

potential value realization

Planning and preparing compensation to endure time delay in realizing the potential value of intellectual property rights

It is obvious that project proposal of construction of social overhead capital, report of exploration of resources, semiconductor intellectual property, costume designs, and artworks that can be auctioned require not a short time and little capital to make a real trading and realize value. Justice and creative innovation are not just to overcome these obstacles with patience and persistence, but to compensate for the work required for creative work and to share the achievements with those who made it possible by mass production or the opportunity to realize profit.

collective intelligence

Creating a democratic decision-making environment based on the collective intelligence

The decision by a small number of experts, rather than the consumer mass, to make a decision to make a fashion designer into a real product is seen as a fool thing these days as the social network has developed. The value of artworks and the game ahead of publishing are the same. However, venture capital investment activities are increasingly concentrated on fewer decision-making powers. It is obvious that minorities, such as fund managers and investment company executives have the right to make decisions. As a result, it is difficult to overcome the asymmetry of information in this process, so the investment review period is prolonged and even trigger corruption. However, when a large number of public participates and gathers collective intelligence, more transparent and reliable decision-making and profit-sharing environment can be created under the decentralized structure than the current existing closed and rigid decision-making frameworks.

For example, voting can be done by transferring a coin to figure out the investment eligibility in a similar way to a vote for listing in some exchanges. This can also be compensated for the participants. In addition, this vote ensures the security of the voting act in the nature of the block chain. In the case of a product that has been ranked in the ranking by combining voting with compensated- styled crowdfunding, the product may be introduced to give voters who send a coin more than a certain amount.

fund and recovery

Creating a platform that function both as a provider and a consumer

Rflexcoin donors can use Rflexcoin as a means of purchasing goods or services, and paying for them in the ecosystem in which Coin is used as a payment method. That is, the Rflexcoin donor can benefit from being both a fund provider and a consumer. For products or services of funded or allied companies, giving discounts on purchases with Rflexcoin can increase sales and help the firm market. Individuals can have an active influence on the market if the voting act itself, or the above example, has the same meaning as buying.

On the other hand, Coin distribution will become more active as products or services are expanded which can only be purchased by Rflexcoin donors. The so-called Rflexcoin Egoist Concert will emerge as an attractive cultural phenomenon if certain books and cultural performances can only be provided to Rflexcoin donors. In addition, utilization of the coin will be increased so that the value of Rflexcoin will be improved. As the ecosystem grows, the range of beneficiaries which includes donors and companies will be expanded and the compensation for donors will be diversified.

Our Project

Rflex Area

Meet The Team

Executive team

The Rflexcoin Team combines a passion for exports, industry exercise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Kane Kim
Noah Kim
Global Partnership
Chuck Jung Lee
Business development
Byong Hoon Kang
Business development
Charles Jo
Business development
Eung Ho An
RFC Tech Design
Kang Ho Won
RFC Core Develop
Jin Hwan Lee
Web3.js Develop
Jae Rak Son
Hyun Sun Ju


Chang Hak Cho
Global Business Development Consultancy
Byung Chul Park
Legal advice
Alfred Chia
Global Legal Advisory
Huang Chi-Cheng
Technical Advisory

With Us


Road Map

May 2018

· Established Global Raising

October 2018

· Published White Paper v1.0
· Developed RFC
· Start of private sales

November 2018

· Published White Paper v2.0
· Pre-market kick-off
- Issued and started to sell RG7BR
(Senven Brau Beer Co Ltd)
- Issued and started to sell RGSCD
(Socidea Inc)

December 2018

· Batch programme operation
· Selection of venture
companies to work with
· Established internal

March 2019

· Start of the FCC 2019 FW season

April 2019

· ICO for RFC
· Batch programme operation
· Selection of excellent venture companies to work with

May 2019

· Start sales of FCC design IP RG

June 2019

· Listed on RFC exchange
· Establish RG exchange
- Listing of venture company RG

December 2019

· Established semiconductor IP exchange

First quarter, 2021

· RG exchange to undergo a public offering


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